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SPAL Centrifugal Blowers UNIVERSAL

Brand: SPAL | Category: Radiator Fans
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
30003522 Single Wheel Blower
IP33 Rated 12V
30003161 Single Wheel Blower
IP33 Rated 12V
30006707 Dual Wheel Blower
IP33 Rated 12V

Product Description

SPAL’s centrifugal blowers are available in both single and dual wheel options. They surpass OEM life with long life (LL) and very long life (VLL) motors. Our sealed waterproof/dustproof motors are the perfect option for high moisture/dust environments when performance is a must!

We also offer improved low noise wheel designs without sacrificing airflow. Each blower is individually balanced for improved performance and extended life.

Our blowers provide a high-performance solution to heating, cooling and ventilating cars, trucks, off-highway equipment and other mobile applications. We have 12-volt and 24-volt blowers to suit most any HVAC system need. The high-efficiency blowers are lowprofile, lightweight and easy-to-install where space is limited. Despite their trim design, our blowers are rugged and well-suited for industrial applications. Each assembly is dynamically balanced to ensure low vibration and quiet operation.

We offer single, three and four-speed versions, as well as a selection of adjustable rectangular and circular louvers to complete a system design. Recently we introduced a new family of waterproof/dustproof blower assemblies (rated IP68) ideal for applications where dust and debris are a prime concern.