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Brand: SONAX | Category: Car Care / Detailing
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
493000 Medium Polishing Pad
Size 160mm
493100 Heavy Polishing Pad
Size 160mm
493141 Lambskin Polishing Pad
Size 130mm
493241 Finishing Polishing Pad
Size 160mm

Product Description

SONAX Polishing Pads are available for all steps of the polishing process.

SONAX Lambskin Polishing Pad
SONAX Lambskin Polishing Pad is a dense, high quality lambskin for professional polishing with a polishing machine. It enhances the cutting efficiency of abrasive polishes, and simultaneously reduces the polishing temperature. Velcro fastening enables rapid pad change.

SONAX Heavy Polishing Pad (Yellow)
SONAX Heavy Polishing Pad for heavy polishing applications.

SONAX Medium Polishing Pad (Orange)
SONAX Medium Polishing Pad for medium abrasive applications.

SONAX Finishing Polishing Pad (Black/Grey)
SONAX Finishing Polishing Pad is a soft polishing pad for a scratch free finish.