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Project Kics R40 REVO Lug Nuts UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
CRFB Revo Cap
For R40 REVO Lugs
Color Blue
CRFR Revo Cap
For R40 REVO Lugs
Color Red

Product Description

The Project Kics R40 Lug Nut is made of SCM435 Alloy for light weight and high strength. The M12×1.50 and M12×1.25 thread pitch REVO comes in either Black Chrome or NeoChrome and features two-piece construction with the floating seat design. This allows you to properly torque your REVO Lug Nuts on your wheels without marring the finish. The REVO also features a black high-endurance resin cap for a cleaner, closed ended lug nut. The REVO Locking Lug Nut Sets come in packs of 20 in 16 standard 17mm hex lugs with 4 locking lugs.

You can also purchase optional REVO Caps, which are perfect for those who think the black caps are too plain or don’t match their car’s style. These plastic caps simply snap in once you pop out the original black caps off of your REVO nuts. These red and blue caps are made of a high-endurance resin and will only work with REVO Lug Nuts.

  • Manufactured of high strength SCM435 Alloy
  • Closed end design by using high-endurance resin caps
  • Light weight lug reduces unsprung weight
  • Floating washer seat provides torque retention and eliminates wheel gouging
  • Available in Black chrome and special NeoChrome finish
  • Patented design