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OMP America Pedal Set - Racing UNIVERSAL

Brand: OMP America | Category: Pedal Sets
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
OA/1000 Racing Pedal Set
60x100mm Brake
60x100mm Accelerator
OA/1010 Racing Pedal Set
60x100mm Brake
60x210mm Accelerator
OA/1020 Racing Pedal Set
60x70mm Brake
60x210mm Accelerator
OA/1030 Racing Pedal Set
OA/1050 Rally Pedal Set
OA/1863 Racing Pedal Set
60x70mm Brake
85x120mm Accelerator
OA/1866 CoDriver Footrest
OA/1867 Drivers Left Footset
Color Silver
OA/2060 CoDriver Footrest
Color Silver
OA/2080 Universal Footrest
Color Silver

Product Description

Pedals in aluminum sandblasted. Supplied with steel bolts and nuts.