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Moroso Battery Accessories UNIVERSAL

Brand: Moroso | Category: Batteries


74005 Battery Cable Kit
20' w/ 4 terminals
74016 Power Charger
12/16 Volts at 30 Amps
74055 Battery Cable Kit
20' w/ 4 terminals
8' w/ top-post terminals
6" 12gauge leads w/ butt connectors
rubber-lined clamps
grommets & shrink sleeving
Use w/ Sealed Battery Box (74050)
74100 Battery Disconnect Switch
Rating: 125 amps @ 6-36 volts DC
74101 Battery Disconnect Switch
Rating: 175 amps @ 6-36 volts DC
74102 Battery Disconnect Switch
74103 Battery Terminal Disconnect Switch
Top Terminal
74105 Push/Pull Battery Disconnect Mounting Kit
74115 Heavy-Duty Universal Cable
15 amp DC
74120 Push Button Starter Switch
74122 Universal Momentary Switch & Cable
74123 Adjustable Universal Momentary Switch
15 amp DC
74124 Toggle Switch Momentary On
Long Handle,1-1/2"
74125 Toggle Switch On/Off
Long Handle, 1-1/2"
74126 Toggle Switch On/Off
Short Handle, 11/16"
74140 Remote Battery Jumper Terminals
74145 Thru Panel Battery Connector
74155 Quick-Disconnect Flush Mount Battery Cable Connectors
74170 Battery Cable Remote Fitting End Kit
3/8" opening
74175 Battery Post Terminal End Kit
74200 Battery Quick-Connect Plug
74201 Battery Quick Connect Mini
74051 Sealed Battery Box
Color Black
74104 Battery Terminal Disconnect Switch
Side Post
74106 Battery Disconnect Switch
74129 Toggle Switch Cover
74144 Thru Panel Battery Connector
97545 Terminal Cap Kit
One Red
One Black
Replacement for 74140
74114 Battery Post Boot
Per Pair
One Red One Black
74173 Battery Cable Terminal
For 3/8" Stud
2 Per Pack
74110 Boots
For Battery Disconnect Switches
Includes One Pair of Red/Black Boots
74107 Alternator Shutdown Relay Kit
74156 Quick-Disconnect Flush Mount Battery Cable Connectors
4 Pack
97551 Male End
Replacement for Moroso Part # 74155
Color Red
97553 Female End
Replacement for Moroso Part # 74155
Color Red
74108 Battery & Alternator Disconnect Switch
4-Pole Switch
4 3/8" -24 Terminals
Rated at 125A continuous/750A Intermittent
74116 Battery Disconnect Switch
L Bracket
Material Steel
74149 Battery Jumper Terminal Bracket
74109 Remote Push-Pull Battery Disconnect Switch Kit
74119 Remote Battery and Alternator Disconnect Switch Kit
Morse Cable Actuated
74111 Remote Push/Pull Battery & Alternator Disconnect Switch Kit
4-Pole Switch
74117 Remote Battery Disconnect Switch Mounting Kit
Morse Cable Actuated
74118 Remote Battery Disconnect Switch Kit
Morse Cable Actuated

Product Description

Moroso offers everything you need for your battery and electrical system. Moroso knows that in racing, regulations for batteries and electrical systems are endless. So why go anywhere else when it comes to meeting those demands?

Moroso offers everything from Sealed Battery Boxes to Wiring to Terminal Disconnect Switches – to ensure your car meets the rules and exceeds your expectations.