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McGard Lug Nuts - SplineDrive

Brand: McGard | Category: Lugs Nuts & Wheel Studs

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Product Description

A no-compromise design engineered to fit small diameter recesses in new tuner wheels. SplineDrive lug nuts offer a closed-end design, maximum gripping power, more stud engagement and a greater seating surface than socket style lug nuts. In addition they’re 30% lighter in weight. SplineDrive lug nuts take safety, dependability and good looks to the next level.

Vibrant Colors
We offer the only tuner lug nut available trimmed in anodized aluminum. Available in red and blue caps. One is sure to complement your wheel style or color.

Closed-End Design
Our exclusive patented design eliminates the rust problems associated with open-end socket style lug nuts. SplineDrive lug nuts completely cover the stud and will not let rust weep out and stain the wheel finish. Never worry about difficult lug nut removal again. To see an unretouched photo of a competitor’s open-end, socket style lug nut rusted to a wheel stud click here.

More Stud Engagement
Exterior drive splines allow deeper stud engagement of our lug nut vs. socket style nuts that use up to 34% of their length for tool engagement. There is no compromise between stud engagement and tool engagement with SplineDrive lug nuts.

Superior Drive Design
The precision fit and efficient drive angle of the splines provide greater contact area and greater torquing power where you need it during installation and removal. In fact, there is 59% more positive engagement over socket style lug nuts, even with no stud intrusion into drive tool area. Stud intrusion dramatically reduces socket style tool engagement.

Greater Seating Area
Compared to socket style lug nuts, our lug nuts have 26% more seating surface. Zinc plating on the cone seating surface enhances torque tension characteristics. SplineDrive Lug Nuts are the safest tuner lug nuts on the market.