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Driven Carb Defender Fuel Additive UNIVERSAL

Brand: Driven Racing Oil | Category: Fuel Additive
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70044 Carb Defender Ethanol Fuel Additive
Race Concentrate
70040 Carb Defender Ethanol Fuel Additive
Size 8oz Packet
70042 Carb Defender Ethanol Fuel Additive
For Small Engine
Size 1oz Packet

Product Description

Driven’s Carb Defender Fuel Additive is specifically formulated to protect against ethanol corrosion and induction deposits. It controls combustion chamber residue, plus cleans and protects surfaces of the fuel system and intake tract. One 4.5 Oz bottle of the additive treats up to 25 gallons of ethanol-blended gas, and should be used with each and every fill-up. It helps carb enthusiasts avoid costly repairs and poor performance from their carbureted engines due to ethanol-blended pump fuel. Continuous use is proven to reduce and clean intake valves and carburetor deposits. Driven Racing Oil Carb Defender Fuel Additive keeps the carburetor functioning properly, and that keeps your vehicle running properly as well.

The Problem: Ethanol Corrosion in Carburetors
The use of Ethanol in modern pump fuel increases the risk of carburetor and fuel system corrosion. Ethanol is hygroscopic, so it absorbs moisture. This moisture causes corrosion in both the fuel system and inside the engine. High levels of Ethanol dilution in the motor oil can lead to increased moisture in the crankcase, therefore causing rust and other corrosion problems. Ethanol by itself is corrosive to components like carburetors. These problems are compounded by long term vehicle storage.

The Solution: Carb Defender Fuel Additive
Carb Defender utilizes special corrosion inhibitors to prevent costly repairs and poor performance caused by Ethanol blended gasoline and the moisture it attracts. This product also restores performance and protects carburetors from performance-robbing deposits. Designed for the unique needs of classic vehicles that spend much of their lives in storage between cruises and special events.