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DEI Titanium Exhaust Wrap UNIVERSAL

Brand: DEI | Category: Exhaust Fabrication Components
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
010127 Titanium Exhaust Wrap
Size 2in x 50ft
010128 Titanium Exhaust Wrap
Size 1in x 15ft
010129 Titanium Exhaust Wrap
Size 2in x 15ft
010130 Titanium Exhaust Wrap
Size 2in x 100ft
010095 Titanium Exhaust & Pipe Wrap Kit
Locking Ties Eight 8in / Four 14in
Size 2in x 50ft x2
010005 Titanium Exhaust Wrap
Color Black
Size 2in x 15ft

Product Description

Design Engineering’s new Titanium exhaust wrap with LR Technology is stronger and tougher than fiberglass for improved thermal performance and durability with a high tech carbon fiber look.

Made from pulverized lava rock, Titanium wrap can withstand 1800°F of direct heat retaining more heat in header thus reducing underhood radiant heat resulting in cooler air intake temperatures for increased horsepower.

Improved resistance to chemical & hot oil spills, abrasions, temperature and vibration break down vs. fiberglass, and Titanium wrap will not shrink and is extremely pliable for an easy wrap without having to wet wrap.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved thermal performance for more cool intake air temps
  • Withstands 1800°F direct / 2500°F intermittent heat
  • LR Technology prolongs wrap lifespan
  • High tech custom carbon fiber look
  • Improved durability against abrasions, temperatures and vibration breakdown
  • Extremely pliable for an easy install
  • Available in 1” and 2” widths in 15 and 50 foot lengths or Turbo Heat Shields