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DBA Replacement Parts UNIVERSAL

Brand: DBA | Category: Brake Rotors
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
NAS1291C4 NAS Nuts
Breakaway for DBA 5000 Discs
Position Front
NAS4504U07 NAS Tri-Wing Bolts for DBA 5000 Discs
Position Front

Product Description

Replace discs and hats on 5000 Series Rotors are available for order. To find the correct application for your needs, you need to know the part # of the kit you currently have. Once you have that, it’s simple to find replacement parts.

To order a replacement disc only for part # DBA 52510SL/SR/XS, the part number is DBA 52510.1SR/SL/XS. To order a replacement hat only, the part number is DBA 52510.2BLK for Black or DBA 52510.2GLD for Gold. Slotted 5000 Series come in Black Hats and Cross Drilled & Slotted come in Gold hats. Black Hats are available for some Cross Drilled & Slotted applications.