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CTEK Comfort Connects UNIVERSAL

Brand: CTEK | Category: Batteries


56-260 Comfort Connect M6
56-261 Comfort Connect M8
56-329 Comfort Connect M10
56-263 Comfort Connect Cig Plug
56-384 Comfort Indicator Clamps
56-382 Comfort Indicator Eyelet
56-380 Comfort Indicator Panel
56-564 Comfort Indicator Pigtail
56-573 Comfort Connect Cig Socket
56-304 Comfort Connect Extension Power Cable
56-531 Comfort Indicator Panel
56-870 Comfort Indicator Cig Plug
40-006 Mounting Bracket
56-562 Comfort Indicator Panel
Flat Pin Connector
56-383 Comfort Indicator Eyelet
Bulk Pack
50 pcs
56-689 Comfort Connect Plug Adapter
For Older Vehicles (Pre 2008)

Product Description

CTEK Comfort Connects are designed and developed to make the maintenance of the battery in the vehicle easy and convenient.

Choose from a full offering of Comfort Connects the each have their own unique features and applications.

  • Comfort Connect M6/M8/M10
  • Comfort Connect Cig Plug
  • Comfort Indicator Clamps
  • Comfort Indicator Eyelet
  • Comfort Indicator Panel
  • Comfort Indicator Pigtail