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C&R Racing Cooling Additives UNIVERSAL

Brand: C&R Racing | Category: Coolant Additive
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
59-00001 Dike Stop Leak Cooling Additive
Size 16oz Bottle
59-00101 Safe Coolant Corrosion Inhibiter Additive
Size 16oz Bottle
59-00102 Safe Coolant Corrosion Inhibiter Additive
Size Gallon Jug

Product Description

Safe Coolant Corrosion Inhibitor Additive
Safe protects gasoline and diesel cooling systems from rust and corrosion. Prevents causes of engine overheating, including lime and scale buildup and coolant foaming. Compatible with all vehicle cooling systems and coolants, both green and orange. Add to your radiator every six months.

Dike Stop Leak Cooling Additive
Advanced formula seeks out and seals internal leaks, preventing antifreeze and water from seeping into the engine. Compatible with all standard and permanent radiator coolants (both green and orange) in cars, trucks, and water-cooled equipment. Keep Dike in your vehicle emergency kit for on-the-spot repairs or as a preventative measure for vehicles operating under severe conditions. Add one pint to every four gallons of coolant or water.