5310 - COMP Cams Valve & Seal Tools

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Part #: 5310
Notes: Pro Valve Lock Tool
3/8" Locks
Your Price: $55.35

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11/32" Locks
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5631 $78.82 Notes 3/8" Comp Seal Setter
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7mm, 8mm & 5/16" Locks
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Single Piece
Free Length 3.000"
ID .725"
OD .850"
4758-2 $7.75 Notes Checking Springs
2 Pieces
Free Length 3.000"
ID .725"
OD .850"
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5mm, 5.5mm & 6mm Locks
5329 $54.60 Notes Rocker Arm Organizer Tray
5630 $78.82 Notes 11/32" Comp Seal Setter

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Product Description

Pro Valve Lock Removal & Installation Tools
Don’t risk your fingers when removing or installing valve locks. Our magnetic tool is definitely the best way to perform this delicate task. Several styles are available to cover most automotive and motorcycle applications.

  • To Install Locks: Compress valve spring, place valve locks on magnetic stem, push body of tool over the locks and position them on the valve stem, release valve spring.
  • To Remove Locks: Use the magnetic stem to pluck off the valve locks once the spring is compressed.

Seal Setters
If you’re tired of sacrificing your time, your tools and your knuckles by trying to install PTFE seals on valve stems, then you need these COMP Cams Seal Setters. This is a two-part tool comprised of bullet-nose sleeve (.100” wall) and hand piece.

Valve Seal Installation Tool

  • CNC-machined aluminum valve sealer makes installing PTFE seals on valve stems easy
  • Works with .500” and .530” PTFE seals
  • Prevents seal distortion or gouging during installation
  • Anodized for durability

Checking Springs

  • Low tension checking springs can be installed by hand in place of valve springs
  • Simplify measuring piston-to-valve clearance, rocker ratio, cam degreeing, etc.
  • Set of two springs is enough for one cylinder

Valve Train Organizer Trays
These COMP Cams Valve Train Organizer Trays are perfect for novice or pro engine builders alike. These durable polymer trays neatly store your valve train components while assembling or rebuilding your engine. Organizers are labeled on the front and rear to help keep track of your part location for reassembly. Each tray has built-in handles to make easy work of moving parts around your shop or garage