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Aeromotive Electronics UNIVERSAL

These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
16301 30 Amp Fuel Pump Wiring Kit
Includes Relay, Breaker, Wire & Connectors
Connector Color Yellow
17114 Fuel Pressure Sensor Relocation Kit
Mounting Hardware Included Yes
16306 Billet Fuel Pump Speed Controller
Cover Material Aluminum
Mounting Bracket Included Yes

Product Description

Billet Fuel Pump Speed Controller, P/N 16306
(This Part # replaces Part # 16302)

For any pump, on any type of vehicle, the Aeromotive Fuel Pump Speed Controller (FPSC) minimizes hot fuel handling problems for in-line pumps in bypass systems and it will also keep T-style pumps cool in static systems, extending fuel pump life. Sensing engine RPM, the FPSC kicks your fuel flow into high gear when you need it, but reduces pump speed and flow to keep things cool when you don’t. It’s like an automatic transmission for your electric fuel pump.

When you’re cruising, Aeromotive’s Billet Fuel Pump Controller automatically steps voltage down to the Fuel Pump at lower RPM, then it continuously monitors engine speed, stepping voltage and flow back up when needed. The RPM step-point is adjustable, allowing calibration for your specific application.

Billet Digital FMU, P/N 16303
The new Aeromotive Billet Digital FMU is a fully adjustable, scalable, electronic fuel pump controller. Used with an external in-line fuel pump, the Digital FMU creates a programmable FMU for use with returnless fuel systems. The Aeromotive FMU senses manifold pressure and automatically controls the external pump, providing the fuel pressure that you dial in. Now you can add forced induction to any returnless fuel system application and maintain the proper air/fuel ratio under all WOT operating conditions.

NOTE: For use with returnless fuel systems only.